3 UNTAPPED resources to restore your sleep quality

As humans, we tend to believe that we manage to somehow control nature, and the use of artificial light is probably one of the best examples.

It turns out that there are some forces of nature that we cannot get away from.

Sleep is a life-saving and practical skill that requires patience and perseverance to harness it's power.

We're meant to sleep in synchrony with the cycles of the moon and sun, and this guide was designed to walk you through a process to reinvent your sleep.

This is a culmination of my own experiences and knowledge. Wisdom earned through education and twenty-plus years of work in healthcare, business and wellness. My journey with obesity and abuse has landed me here. I've reinvented myself so many times and now I own the freakin' title!!

I want women to own their body and feel empowered to express their inner strength. You're not supposed to be exhausted and burnt out! You're here to savour the physicality of the human experience!

Do you often feel tired and groggy in the morning, even on nights when you're gotten enough sleep? This is one of the signs that your sleep quality may be suffering.

This Guide will walk you through the creation of your own bedroom sanctuary and how you can explore the power of the moon.

I'll also introduce you to Human Design and how you are "designed" to sleep based on your type. This was instrumental to me finally creating a routine that supports my sleep.

I've also included my Freedom Crown mini-course and a video with relaxing breathing exercises, because I really want you to start getting some quality rest!

Reinvent Your Sleep

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Restore the quality of your sleep, because you deserve it Queens!!