Human bodies are designed to move and to be strong.

Building a body that is capable of doing real-life activities in real positions. This is what our ancestors did.

Building strength, stability and mobility across the body makes us more efficient, both in and out of the gym. You don't even need a gym or fancy equipment.

It's not normal that we lose muscle mass and function as we age; it happens because we tend to become inactive. Weakness and loss of stamina interfere with physical activity and leads to more muscle shrinkage. We don't need to be afraid of becoming frail and falling as we become older adults.

The treatment is strength and conditioning.

Don't let the term "strength training" intimidate you. It's about enhancing your ability to move safely and effectively in your life.

Preparing your body for real-life movements and activities is known as functional movement. It trains your muscles to work together and movements such as squatting, reaching, pulling and lifting become easier when functional fitness is integrated into your life.

We need to put more thought and energy into it since we're not hunting and gathering our food every day. It takes some planning and knowledge to create a practice that fits into your life. Equipment, space and time aren't always easy to come by either.

Work with us as I train a client at home in real-time. Nothing fancy, just us working and having fun in my living room. The tunes are on and you have access to your own strength and conditioning coach. We'll personalize everything to meet you where you are today and as you grow.

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