Inside many plants—hidden in roots, seeds, flowers, fruit or bark—are concentrated, highly potent chemical compounds. These naturally occurring compounds are essential oils. They are the essence of a plant, a gift from the earth, distilled and prepared for you to bring the power of nature into your home.


When you open a bottle of naturally sourced, non-synthetic essential oil, your senses are instantly filled with its potent aroma, even from a distance. What your nose detects are the naturally occurring elements of the essential oil. Such unique properties make essential oils ideal for inclusion in aromatherapy—promoting wellness by using aromatic compounds—and in other applications.

Every essential oil varies in its biological makeup, so their aromas and benefits are also unique. Essential oils experience composition variance depending on numerous factors relating to the conditions of its source plant. The geographic location, method and duration of distillation, year grown, the weather, and even time of day or season of harvest make the production process a critical determinant of the overall quality of the essential oil.

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