Food is not just eating energy.

It's an experience.

~ Guy Fieri

I want to unleash the beauty that hides in even the ugliest of scenes or memories you have about food. I live and breathe in all this food and can lose myself in the kitchen for hours at a time. It wasn't always like this. I had to go against the grain, relearn what I thought I knew and do it my own way.

I like to shake things up, in a loving way, and remind you that there is always another way. There's power in challenging the general consensus and conjuring a better vision for your world.

Every journey starts with a single step.

No more “cookie-cutter” programs and meal plans. No more wondering and worrying about “Will this work?”

This is an intuitive approach. There is a sense of what might work where and a loose plan, but how the plan is carried out will depend on and respond to the flow of its surroundings.

Small steps are important and actually far more powerful and constructive than you realize. Sometimes we're gaining ground, but the effect isn't immediately obvious. This doesn't mean that nothing is happening. The effects of your actions are cumulative and they begin to overflow into the physical world with an impact that may surprise you.


R4: The Reinvention System™
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This is a bolder, more authentic and trusting way to do things. Logic and science have a role; as do the mysterious and magical. This isn't about dry and predictable, it's a juicier approach to life!

There is a time and place for logic, strategy, planning and measurable outcomes. These are amazing tools to have and we'll incorporate them with equally valuable decision-making tools: intuition, feelings and those things you know, without knowing how you know them! It's like my garden which requires me to set aside time, to use reliable methods and to prepare with certain tools. However, there's also a healthy dose of organic flow, responsiveness and trust in the process of bringing something to life.

People rarely change with information alone. Even with a good plan, something is missing. Research and my experience both show that people are most likely to change when they have strong, supportive relationships. I want to make possible what others have told you cannot be.

Your initial consultation includes and extra 30 minutes at no extra cost.