Breathing is the medicine of life and has become a lost art. It is your foundation. You can lean on it when you need to take stock of where you are on your journey or in your day.

Our bodies are magical and look after this process automatically, and unconsciously. When our world has us walking on shaky ground and feeling unsupported, you can tap into this energy to remain focused. Our journeys take us on many twists and turns, and while we try to remain focused, we often feel like the desired destination is just out of reach.

Your breath is an opportunity for you to look at where you’ve been and where you would like to be heading. Tuning into your breath unleashes an entire cascade of reactions in your body.

This is where you will find balance and healing. It’s important to maximize the daily frequency that this magic is released for your body to repair and recover.

This is a culmination of my own experiences and knowledge. Wisdom earned through education and twenty-plus years of work in healthcare, business and wellness. My journey with obesity and abuse has landed me here. I've reinvented myself so many times and now I want to show you how to do it yourself.

Our capacity to breath, to inhale and exhale, has changed significantly during our evolution. Modern problems like asthma, anxiety and high blood pressure can be improved by changing the way we breath. About 90% of us are breathing incorrectly.

We assume breathing is passive and I'm like most people and have suffered from a variety of respiratory issues for most of my life. When I was studying Respiratory Therapy, I learned about normal breathing rates, lung volumes, different diseases, etc., but how we breath matters.

Humans are the worst breathers on the planet! We've adopted and passed on traits that have been detrimental to our health.


R4: The Reinvention System™
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Restore the connection to your body, because you deserve it! We're here to tap into the lost art of breathing. These aren't new discoveries. They were created, documented and forgotten many years ago.

We're going to talk about things like how oral posture and over-breathing affect our blood pressure, heart rate variability and energy. We'll stretch to increase our lung capacity and understand how breathing regulates weight loss. I hope you're ready for a ride into what our ancestors want us to know about our body.

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